VIDEO: Tuna amazing fishing spinning

After many months, alas, far from the sea, I can finally find a weekend for a boat fishing trip in my Tuscany, Italy.

Put the boat in the water and together with my friend Leonardo and the Commander we head for the search for food.

We are at the end of September, the sea is a bit ‘rough, but it does not scare us, so we head towards our goal: the Isola del Giglio.

When we reach the middle of the journey we see some scattered hunters of good size:

I immediately decide to mount the largest metal jig I have in the box and replace the anchor with an assist of generous size, especially because with the barb on the outside.

The pursuits begin.

Every time we reach the fish, however, immediately sink and after a while we see them reappear at a great distance.

After several attempts we can finally get a feed not too far away, Leonardo is able to launch inside and for him comes the bite, after a few moments, however, the fish is lost and then we are forced to resume the race.

After over an hour to chase these “cursed” fish in the waves of the sea fortunately formed a thing close enough to our boat: “This will be the right time” I thought.

We approach, launch, but the fish have disappeared again.

I look around to look for some sketch on the water instead comes the blow to the barrel, iron, the clutch starts a thousand, “it’s him”: The fight has begun.

After the first escape I can recover a few meters, at which point the fish does not hear stories and points to the bottom, another displacement and barrel bent to 90 degrees.

After about 5 minutes the fish begins to give the first signs of subsidence and I can bring it under the boat.

We begin to see, it is a beautiful tuna alletterato, finally! It was more than a year that I chased him. After the usual girotondi typical of the tuna fish is afloat and Leonardo hoists it for the gargia.

Emotion a thousand, even the Commander can not hold back the scream of joy.

We made it!

It will be a fish over 90 cm that goes close to 10 kg of weight, not bad for a tuna.

Really a unique emotion, like those that only the spinning at sea from the boat can give.

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