VIDEO: Surfcasting of Bream Fish – Pesca deportiva doradas 7 kg.

Video: Surfcasting is one of the most common techniques for fishing enthusiasts around the world.
And practiced mainly in rivers and even at sea, and this fishing technique, it is divided into several categories, which are: underwater fishing, boat fishing, surface fishing, etc.
Also, sport fishing, is regulated by laws, which prohibit the use of some tools used by fishermen to kill fish.
Sport fishing, is called in this way, because the goal of the fisherman is to catch the prey, but then immediately release it without killing him.

In the following video, we see the surfcasting by Raul Mario Perez Luna.
Raul is located at the beach and fishing with a very robust fishingrod, a large sea bream, which weighs 7 kg.

Raul Mario Perez Luna is a true fan of the sport fishing, and indeed publish on its thematic channel, the various fishing trips, that records in amateur way with the camera.
A video really very nice and to follow for those who love the fishing world.