Underwater fishing: Amberjack of 10 kg. VIDEO

Underwater fishing is one of the techniques which are more difficult to practice. It is carried out either with fishing techniques immersion in apnea or with the help of rails of artificial respiration, type, oxygen cylinders.

In addition, it takes place with the help of underwater gun or with hooks, rakes, etc., according to the fish to be fished and according to the chosen technique, which can be of various types: the underwater fishing in Razzolo, is a universal technique that you practice with rifle, fishing hole is one of the most classical techniques and practiced by divers, who fish prey hidden in burrows the shallow-water marine, spearfishing aspect is a technique that is practiced waiting for prey that passes near it and requires maximum concentration.

In the following video, we can see an underwater fishing, made to 10 meters deep and with video footage made spectacularly with camera GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition, mounted on the mask. The fisherman diving, in this case has captured, as we can see, an amberjack of 10 kg.